Andy Needham




I feel as fucking useless as a white fucking crayon


u just gotta find someone who prefers black paper my friend

that was the most beautiful thing i’ve ever read


What if sometimes when you dream about someone there’s a small chance they dream about you and you share the same dream at the same time





The “Nothing’s Impossible" show is open at the Mondo Gallery during the SXSW Film Festival through March 11. 

Limited edition screen printed posters will be available for purchase until the show closes or until they are sold out.

  1. Beauty and the Beast (1991) by Martin Ansin - Variant
  2. The Black Cauldron (1985) by Francesco Francavilla
  3. Finding Nemo (2003) by Tom Whalen
  4. The Incredibles (2004) by Tom Whalen
  5. The Jungle Book (1967) by Olly Moss
  6. Alice in Wonderland (1951) by Ken Taylor
  7. Up - Carl Fredricksen (2009) by Mike Mitchell
  8. The Lion King (1994) by Tom Whalen
  9. The Black Hole (1979) by Kilian Eng
  10. Ratatouille (2007) by Aaron Horkey

to view more and for further updates visit Oh My Disney

Mondo Gallery
4115 Guadalupe St. Austin TX 78751
Tuesday - Saturday, 12PM - 6PM

image courtesy of mondo gallery / oh my disney

"We are all, everyone in this room, so fortunate."


I really hate that watching TV is associated with being lazy and boring while reading books is associated with being smart and profound. Both are really fucking great ways of telling stories and if you find a story that moves you, whether it’s a 900 page novel, a tv show, a film, a comic, or a sentence engraved on a slice of bread IT IS WORTHY OF YOUR TIME!


Oscars 2014 pizza moments.


Vincent van Gogh - Barn Owl (1887)